Legacy Updates

  • The case was scheduled for hearing in July 2011 before Justice Arana.
  • The case was secretly fast-forwarded to Apr 22 (the Wed. before Easter weekend).  Leaders of the Church found out about this and appeared in court to register the Churches of Belize as an Interested Party.
  • DEC 5th is the new date set for the hearing (at the time of this printing, the court date MAY be moved forward, please email us at belizeaction@gmail.com for current information & updates)

As an Interested Party, The Christian Community has obtained the legal services of:

  • Rodwell Williams, SC
  • Eamon Courtenay, SC (former AG
  • Michel Chebat
  • Jackie Marshalleck
  • Christopher Coye
  • Int’l  attorneys Terry McKeegan, Piero Tozzi, & Brian Raum from CFAM and ADF, International Catholic & Evangelical organizations that assist in fighting abortion & homosexuality cases internationally.
  • ADF represented and fought the Prop 8 case in the State of California.

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