Homosexual Lawsuit

The homosexual organization UNIBAM (United Belize Advocacy Movement) and Caleb Orozco has brought a lawsuit against the Attorney General, and thus, Govt. of Belize, seeking to change Section 53 of the Criminal Code, which says…
“Any person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or any animal shall be liable to 10 years imprisonment”

Orosco & UNIBAM are seeking to remove the words “any person or” so that this law would not apply to interpersonal relationships but only that of sex with animals. They are seeking to use the Constitution phrases & sections pertaining to “personal privacy, human dignity, etc.” to have the present law declared unconstitutional unless that wording is changed. The end goal is SAME SEX MARRIAGE in Belize and a broad HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA of what’s called “GENDER MAINSTREAMING,” making the gay & lesbian lifestyle accepted in our society & culture.

The Churches of Belize, both Council of Churches and Evangelical Association, together have registered as an interested party and have secured the legal services of top level senior Attorneys to assist in arguing this case. Orosco & UNIBAM, with assistance from International homosexual organizations, have hired Lisa Shoman (filed the case), Lord Peter Goldsmith QC from UK, along with Godfrey Smith and others to fight & finance their case.

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